Tepui Plants is a private establishment for growing of rare plant species with emphasis on carnivorous and succulent groups.

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New species of Pinguicula  (Lentibulariaceae)

The butterwort species Pinguicula olmeca  from the carnivorous plant family Lentibulariaceae is described recently. This new species is only known from western part of Tabasco in southeastern Mexico. It is added to section Orcheosanthus  (included in section Temnoceras  after Roccia & Fleischmann in Ellison & Adamec).

BURELO C. M., ZAMUDIO S. & GONZÁLEZ AGUILAR M. A., 2018. Pinguicula olmeca, una nueva especie del sur de México. Botanical Sciences  96: 359 - 365.

ELLISON A. M. & ADAMEC L., 2018. Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology and Evolution. Oxford University Press  544 pp.

New species of Utricularia  (Lentibulariaceae)

Six new species of the bladderwort genus Utricularia  from the carnivorous plant family Lentibulariaceae are described recently from northwestern Western Australia and northern Northern Territory in northern Australia. The new species U. albertiana, U. bidentata, U. magna  and U. papilliscapa  are classified in section Lasiocaules and the remaining both species U. hamata  and U. limmenensis  are added to section Pleiochasia.

JOBSON R. W., BALEEIRO P. C. & BARRETT M. D., 2018. Six new species of Utricularia from northern Australia. Telopea  21: 57 - 77.

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